We Help People Eliminate Their Housing Expense Forever and Start Building Generational Wealth through Multifamily Real Estate

Welcome to Multifamily Movement

The Multifamily Movement is a movement of multiple families coming together to create re-generational wealth and enter into the asset class. Multifamily real estate happens to be the first asset that we are buying together. Our initial goal was to free 300 people through The Above Ground Railroad (aka multifamily real estate) like Harriet Tubman did on the Underground Railroad, but our vision has expanded beyond that. Our new goal is 3,000 owners with $1 billion dollars in real estate acquired.

The Multifamily Movement Mastermind

12-week course with 2 years of coaching and support to help you close in your first multifamily real estate deal. You will learn how to finance, find, and finalize great deals nationwide. We connect you with the best lenders, real estate agents, and investors in your market.

The Buy Back Baton Rouge Fund

Over 460 investors came together to raised $3 million dollars to develop 100 multi family units in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We are developing in the Eddie Robinson Sr Historic District and Scotlandville which are two historically Black neighborhoods. To invest with us in future funds, join the waitlist here.

How To Buy The Block

When you are ready to scale your real estate portfolio, join our How To Buy The Block program which teaches the BRRRRR strategy, rehabs, new construction, and commercial real estate. This program will help you go from one property to an entire portfolio.

Multifamily Movement In The Media

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Rich And Righteous book

Before you acquire physical real estate you have to get your mental real estate right. Mindset has stopped millions from making millions. Rich And Righteous: spiritual secrets to mastering money, manifestation, and your mind will show you why abundance is your birthright and how to bring Heaven, your mental experience of life, on Earth, your material experience of life.