Our Approach

The awB Pillars

Aging While Black (awB) is a transformative movement dedicated to improving the aging experience for Black elders through three pillars: Recalibrate the Village, Embrace Innovation, and Lean into Sankofa. These pillars address the unique opportunities and challenges Black elders face through community empowerment, technological integration, and cultural preservation.

Recalibrate the Village

To be prepared for the oncoming realities of aging while Black, we need a complete overhaul of the ecosystem that engages and supports Black life.

Embrace Rapid Change

Fast moving innovation requires us to adapt to new technologies and systems and recognize their potential for creating new opportunities.

Lean Into Sankofa

The wisdom of the elders is invaluable and must be systemically embraced to build stronger communities.

Our Approach

Our approach to this work is unique. We aim to transform systems, amplify voices and build equity in the aging, both within the Black community and beyond.

We do this horizontally and vertically

The horizontal approach establishes connections nationwide, focusing on critical areas such as dementia, caregiving, and advanced care planning. We create a platform to share best practices with our growing community, collaborate with experts and professionals, and leverage resources for greater impact. We facilitate five horizontals with practitioners from across the country. 

Advanced Care Planning

The Advanced Care Planning community focuses on encouraging Black individuals, across generations, to engage in meaningful discussions and document their life and healthcare preferences, ensuring their values and choices are respected in all situations.

Brain Health

The Brain Health/Dementia community focuses on raising awareness and increasing brain health education across generations, and advocating for comprehensive support systems to enhance the cognitive well-being of aging Black individuals, particularly those affected by dementia-related conditions.


The Caregiving community is dedicated to identifying and addressing the unique challenges faced by caregivers of Black elders, ensuring access to essential resources, and promoting their self-care and well-being.

Economic Security

The Economic Security community is committed to creating the conditions that ensure economic security for Black elders during their later years through advocacy, education, and increased access to financial resources and support systems.

Wellness & Social Connectedness

The Wellness and Social Connectedness community is dedicated to fostering holistic well-being and enhancing social connections among Black elders by creating supportive environments that promote physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as strong, meaningful relationships within the community.
The vertical approach convenes stakeholders from diverse disciplines to address the unique challenges faced by aging Black individuals and their caregivers in specific geographical areas. By doing so, we foster collective action, build networks, and strengthen the support systems available to underrepresented older adults in a single community.

Currently, we operate a vertical in Denver, CO. 

If you are interested in launching a vertical in your community, email us at info@agingwhileblack.co