Action-Oriented Experiences

At Aging While Black, we don’t host events, we design experiences.

The movement to transform the aging landscape into one that centers Black elders requires deep, focused collaboration among individuals who are committed to the cause and are doing this work daily. 

Sometimes this manifests in hour-long trainings, sometimes multi-day summits. 

Whatever the need, our team is uniquely skilled at developing and facilitating activities and exercises that meet your outcomes and connect to work well beyond the day of experience. Specifically we focus on:

Concept Development: Collaborating with partners to understand your convening objectives, audience demographics, and desired outcomes. 

Activities: Curating activities and interactive experiences that engage attendees throughout the event. 

Attendee Experience: Focusing on enhancing the overall attendee experience by considering factors such as comfort, convenience, and engagement. 

Actionable Next Steps: Ensuring there are intentional pathways to future collaboration. Real progress is rarely made in one day or through one experience. It requires on-going collective action.

Post-Event Evaluation: Conducting post-event evaluations and gathering feedback from attendees and stakeholders to assess the success of the event and identify areas for improvement. 

If you are interested in learning more and would like to work with our team to design an experience in your community, please email us at  

Photos from inaugural Black Aging Summit held at the 2024 National On Aging Conference